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The Beginning

How it Was

We were hanging out with the guys, drinking beer. Suddenly Henry says, "Let's do it." So we thought, "Why not"?

Easy Steps

How to Mint

It's a piece of piss, come on I'll help you.

  • 1. connect Your Wallet
  • 2. Select Your Quantity
  • 3. Confirm the transition
  • 4. Receive Your Cocks

Project Launch

Collection development. Website buiding. Contract deployment. Some Pr movements.

Free Mint

Beginning of the festival. Free Mint for all. Soldout in 5 minutes.

Party time

Discord party time. All holders are invited. Lots of rock music and beer.

still Party

We need more beer and snacks. Lets send John to get it... and maybe we should invite more girls.

Shall we?

Cool party we had. But now we have to decide where to go next. The survivors of this party will discuss and decide.

Roadmap ver 2.0

So... we are chilling listening Metallica, drinking some beer with guys, some more, and some more, and we've decided.... wait for it.

Rock Cock Festival

4444 Unique Rock Performers

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Meet the Crew

Team Image

Iron Cock


Blockchain developer with over 4 years of experience. Big fan of Nirvana.

Team Image

Henry Cock


Created his first artwork at the age of 2. Since then, he is unstoppable. Believes in the second advent of Freddie Mercury.

Team Image

Andrew Cock

Pr & Marketer

Sold his dead hamster to his best friend at the age of 6. Falls asleep exclusively listening Sepultura.

Team Image

John Cock

Community Manager

He was the shittiest community manager of five nft projects and was kicked out of there. We have picked him up, fed him, washed him, and then decided to give him a chance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rock Cock is a collection of 4,444 Cocks NFTs—unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain.
It's Free. Just mint 1 and pay gas fee. Extra 0.0033 eth.
You will need Eth (cryptocurrency) and an Ethereum compatible wallet. Such as Metamask.

Here you can get the Metamask wallet

It has mobile apps for iOS and Android. As well as a browser extension for Chrome (Desktop).
You have multiple options on how to acquire Eth:
Purchase Eth via the Metamask app. Simply by using Apple Pay or a debit card. Click on the "buy" button on the app's main screen and follow simple instructions Also, this article may help you to find the alternative options
Step 1: Download and install Ethereum compatible wallet. For example, Metamask. Suitable for smartphones and desktops.
Step 2: Deposit some Eth into your wallet
Step 3: Wait till the minting day
Step 4: Go to our website in minting day
Step 5: Choose the amount of NFTs you desire to purchase
Step 6: Click on the "Mint" button. Confirm the transaction. On the desktop, the Metamask extension will pop up with the confirmation message. Also, you need to have some extra Eth to proceed with the transaction. As you will pay the gas fees to miners.
Step 7: Go to Log in with the Metamask wallet and check your freshly minted NFTs on the profile page.
Step 8: Share your NFTs in Discord, Twitter or any other social media.
15.01.2023 8pm utc
Step 1 - Open Metamask
Step 2 - Open Menu to reveal "Browser"
Step 3 - Enter site in the search bar
Step 4 - Unlock your wallet
Step 5 - Mint
Step 6 - Go to your profile page on There you will see freshly minted NFTs.